Roots Canals & Breast Cancers A Strong Association

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I would like to initiate this article by enclosing the facts. Neither am I a dentist nor I made-up to be the one. Being a coach to the majority of women all over the globe for the course program of seven essentials of breast cancer treatment and prevention, I remain in touch with lots of women with whom I usually ask a crucial question whether they have root canals or not?


The reason for asking this question is that I am quite zealous about facilitating others to sustain a lively health and what are the ways to achieve that vibrancy of well-being. When we talk about root canals, we can research and get plenty of strong proofs that root canals actually plugs your mouth with various harmful chemicals that are culprits of causing diverse diseases counting breast cancer.

Researches assured the link between Root Canals and Breast Cancer

The author of the infamous book Cure Your Cancer Bill Henderson, who was also one of the popular radio shows How to live cancer free has served as a cancer prevention advocate for about 25 years. He had words with thousands of cancer patients both off and on air. He summarized the two fundamental causes of cancer with his adequate experience.

  1. The people who have root canals or filled cavitation are likely to have cancer disease.
  2. Unless they remove that root canal ailment, they will not survive the cancer treatments.

The science is starting to believe with claim of Henderson. Dr.Robert Jones has analyzed the direct association between the two the root canals and breast cancer.

Dr.Robert studied the issue for over 5 years and involved more than 300 women with breast cancer.His study resulted that in approximately 93% of the women having root canals were affected by the disease and the cancer was located at the same side of the body where the root canals were placed.

Moreover, the procedure of root canals can be the real culprit for causing the breast cancer. The American Academy of Peridontology has confirmed in the study of 1998 that the root canal sites and the blood samples of 26 case subjects retained anaerobic bacteria. Since the start of the procedure of root canals anaerobic bacteria starts flowing with the blood stream either performed by a local dentist or the one in the hospital.

The Link of your teeth with well-being

Teeth as a fundamental part of your body arrangements. Well consider that our teeth is a living organism as they perform integral part of our body functions. This organism has concluded 3 miles of tubules.At the time when the tooth becomes infected, it must be removed that is called a period.

In root canals basically the dentist tries to save your dead tooth which your body doesnt wants to sustain. Its rather foolish to retain something that is dying plus filling it with toxic chemicals. These chemicals actually allow the flow of bacteria inside the body like E.faecalis, they destroy the body from within and its organs. The elongated presence of these bacteria in the tooth will immensely destroy your immune system.

Deceased teeth will put your health at risk
The infected tooth also causes the damage to the organs that are directly or indirectly connected to them. This happens because of acupuncture meridian system. The 4 and 5 teeth from the left and right of the upper and lower jaws are directly associated with breast meridian.

Persistence in teeth infection can cause the blockages, complications and energy imbalances in the person. The blockage causes less flow of energy in breasts meridian. This issue is high-lighted often in thermography scans.

In a nutshell, you must have your tooth removed if you ever face an infection. Never go for a root canal as the researches and studies have shown the painful evidences of the procedure leading towards cancer. Go for a biological dentist for solving your tooth problems.


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